About Healesville Directional Drilling

Healesville Directional Drillling are civil contractors who specialise in directional drilling in all types of ground conditions. Their strong focus on safety and environmental care has seen the company expand over the past 16 years.

The Challenge

Healesville Directional Drilling were in the market for a slip-on water cart to transfer water from the hydrant to where the drill rig is working. The drill rig does have a supporting water cart truck already, but it wastes too much time if it must stop, go and fill up from the hydrant when empty, all while the drill rig is waiting for water.

The Result

Since purchasing the TTi 8000L AquaPath, it has eliminated downtime for the drill rig and the entire crew, as the supporting water truck does not have to leave site to go and fill up. The TTi AquaPath is mounted to the back of a flat bed truck, meaning it can be used as a water cart truck when needed, or in Healesville Directional Drilling’s case, a truck for carrying the drill rods. This versatility has saved HDD thousands of dollars by not having a permanent second water cart truck which ties up registration costs and has potential to also not be used in the wetter months. Daniel, a Site Manager, currently working at a job site in Warrandyte, says the 8000L TTi AquaPath is the best thing ever.


Check out what Daniel has to say below: