Control Dust

If you’re in need of fast and easy access to water on-site, TTi Water Carts are here to help. Available in a range of sizes, these portable water carts are the perfect tool to use for dust suppression on work sites for a variety of industries. Easy to maneuver and made to hold up against the rigours of work and weather, these carts are made to the highest standards.

Whether you’re working in landscaping or civil construction or just need something to control the dust levels around your property: TTi Water Carts will have something in the size and configuration you need.

Effective Dust Control Solutions

Dust build-up at industrial and project sites can severely impact operations. It can wear down equipment, lead to impaired visibility for workers and become a serious health hazard,notably in construction and mining sites. Work environments like these require robust dust control solutions.

Effective dust control solutions are essential for site integrity and safety. This is where TTi’s range of water trucks can help. Our water trucks can be used for industrial dust suppression, offering a comprehensive approach to mitigate dust-related issues and maintain a clean, safe working environment.

Products to Suit Controlling Dust

TTi’s specially designed dust control water trucks are the preferred choice among industry leaders, renowned for their efficiency and innovation. Our water truck range sets the industry standard, and are known for their adaptability. Partnering with TTi means receiving tailored support for even the most challenging projects, ensuring optimal dust suppression solutions every time.

Versatility of TTi Water Carts

TTi water carts are renowned for their versatility at construction sites, performing multiple functions. Their robust design ensures consistent performance under demanding conditions.

Dust suppression is a key function for our water trucks, but there are many other functions a TTi water truck provides. Use them after project completion for smaller tasks like landscaping or road maintenance. This adaptability makes TTi’s equipment a valuable, long-term asset for diverse industrial dust suppression needs.

The TTi Advantage

Large Range of Sizes

TTi has Australia’s Largest Range of Tank Sizes

Slip On & Chassis Mounted

From Slip-On to Chassis Mount, TTi has the unit for you!

Smart Water Placement

Operate from the comfort of your truck cabin

Sustainable and Efficient Dust Management

Discover sustainable and efficient dust management solutions with TTi’s water trucks. Our trucks offer the adaptability and reliability you need to get the job done. 

If you also need solutions relating to spray weeds, fire fighting, water transportation, equipment refuel or even tree watering, we have you covered. 

Contact TTi to learn how you can seamlessly integrate our solutions into your day to day work. For quotes and enquiries, call us at 1800 816 277.