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Browse through our range of LiquidLocker™ Baffle Balls which are easy to install and made out of high quality materials, suitable for various types of tanks and liquids.

Why Choose TTi LiquidLockers™ Baffle Balls

TTi LiquidLockers™ baffle balls are a revolutionary solution for stabilising liquids in your tank, enhancing safety and performance. These innovative baffle balls are designed to take the worry out of liquid transport, offering a range of benefits that put them ahead of the competition.

  • Enhanced Stability: Interlocking baffle balls effectively absorb and distribute liquid movement, preventing sloshing and maintaining optimal vehicle balance. This reduces the risk of rollovers and accidents, ensuring safe and reliable liquid transportation.
  • Versatility: Regardless of what type of tank you’re using, our baffle balls can be used for a variety of tank materials, including fibreglass, steel, and poly. They are also suitable for various liquids, including water, diesel, and other compatible fluids.
  • Convenient Flat-Packed Design: Our baffle balls arrive flat-packed, efficiently shipped, easily stored, and ready for quick installation when needed. 
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality poly, TTi LiquidLockers™ baffle balls are lightweight and durable, adding minimal weight to your tank while providing long-lasting performance.

LiquidLockers™ Baffle Balls Setup and Maintenance

Getting your LiquidLockers™ up and running is as easy as it gets. No need for tools or special skills.

  1. Simply drop the baffle balls into your empty tank.
  2. Fill your tank with your liquid of choice – water, diesel, or any compatible fluid.
  3. As the liquid level rises, the baffle balls will naturally interlock, creating a stable network restricting liquid movement.

When it comes to maintenance, LiquidLockers™ are a set-and-forget solution. Made from durable, high-quality poly, they’re built to withstand tough conditions and resist wear and tear. That means less maintenance for you and more time focusing on what you do best. If you ever need to clean your baffle balls, simply remove them from the tank and rinse them with water.

An Effective Solution for Liquid Tank Sloshing and More

Our LiquidLocker Baffle ball system is a highly effective solution for liquid tank sloshing. These lightweight plastic ball baffles are designed to reduce the movement of fluids in water and fuel tanks, improving load stability and vehicle safety. You won’t have to be worried about vehicle rollover when braking or turning anymore! TTi’s LiquidLocker baffle systems are far superior to traditional baffle balls and are easy to install. They make a huge difference and improve the longevity of your water tank. Our LiquidLocker baffle ball system is made from high-quality poly that is lightweight, ensuring they won’t add significant weight to your tank. They’re also highly durable and safe for use with TTi’s range of portable water cartage tanks, pressure washer trailers and diesel fuel tanks.


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