Tree Watering

Trees are a lifeline for the planet, and their care and maintenance is of the utmost importance. Our range of tree watering systems and tanks makes it easy for landscapers and civil contractors to effectively care for these trees. TTi has developed a range of water tanks of different sizes and applications, so you will always be able to find one that suits your needs. Choose from cartage trailers or tray-mounted units that can be attached to the back of your vehicle for large-scale tree watering or backpack tanks for precise watering of smaller trees. All our tanks are made to safely store and transport water for tree watering purposes. Explore the full TTi range today.

Specialised Tree Watering Solutions for You

Some properties demand more than basic watering services. For private landscapes that require comprehensive tree watering solutions, TTi is your trusted partner. We understand the importance of maintaining lush, healthy greenery in your space.

Explore TTi’s premier collection of water tanks for watering trees, designed to meet diverse landscaping needs. Our range ensures you find the perfect fit for your property’s requirements. Trust TTi to provide efficient and effective watering solutions, keeping your landscapes thriving.

Watering trees is just one part of landscape maintenance. TTi also has a range of weed sprayers designed to effectively spread herbicides and help reduce weed growth in your gardens.

Products to suit Tree Watering

TTi’s cartage trailers and tray-mounted units are suited for tree watering. These products specifically address the needs of landscapers, civil contractors, and private property owners committed to tree health and maintenance. These water tanks for watering trees make nurturing and preserving gardens simple and efficient.

TTi’s solutions enable efficient water delivery, playing a crucial role in the sustainability of your greening efforts. In our collection, find the right equipment to ensure your gardens remain vibrant and healthy, even in challenging, water-scarce regions. 

Here are our options for your tree watering needs:

The TTi Advantage

Purpose Built

‘Just Add Water’ to TTi’s range of tree watering units

Water with Precision

Simple to use controls for efficient operation


Can be used for tree watering, firefighting, water cartage and more!

Grow Stunning Gardens with TTi’s Tree Watering Solutions

Experience TTi’s unwavering commitment to enhancing landscaping with our innovative water tank for watering trees. Choose TTi for accessible, top-quality tree watering solutions to nurture your outdoor spaces. Call us at 1800 816 277 for quotes and enquiries.

TTi is also a reliable supplier for dust control, water transportation, fire fighting and refuelling needs.