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TT’s range of 3PL 3 point linkage tractor boom sprayers are available in sizes 300 to 1000L. Choose from booms & hose reels to spray efficiently!

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What is the function of the boom sprayer?

Is there a difference between a boom and a boomless sprayer?

Wet boom and dry boom – what is the difference?

“I have found this unit to be an excellent addition to my farm….The main reason that I bought this unit was that I was impressed with it’s build quality – the way that it’s a very robust, strong and hardy unit. I highly recommend the TTi LinkOn to anyone!”

Martin Zeeman – LinkOn Sprayer™

“This LinkOn™ is an excellent sprayer – it does everything I want it to do … I can get in and around all the places I need, very easily.”

Tony D’Aloia – LinkOn™ Sprayer

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