Refuel Your Equipment

Having fuel on hand is essential to a well-functioning work site. Construction, farming, marine applications and more, if machines run out of fuel it can cause significant delays. That’s why TTi has developed a range of diesel transfer tanks. With these diesel-grade polyethylene tanks, you can easily store fuel on-site, and access as and when needed. These tanks have been made to the highest safety standards and can easily be attached to vehicles to move them around the site. Fitted with reliable transfer pumps, these tanks are easy and safe to use. Explore the wide range of tank sizes and configurations online.

Refuelling Solutions for All Industries

Efficient and reliable refuelling solutions are critical across many different industries, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximising productivity. From agriculture to construction, being able to refuel machinery swiftly boosts operational efficiency and workplace productivity.

As a trusted provider in this field, TTi offers an array of diesel transfer products tailored to meet  rising industry demands. Our refuelling solutions are designed for ease of use, durability, and safety, making them the leading choice in the market today.

Products to suit Refueling Equipment

TTi’s diesel-grade polyethylene tanks, combined with high-performing transfer pumps, revolutionise refuelling processes across various sectors. These units ensure seamless refuelling during operations, whether on construction sites, farms, or in marine environments. Engineered for durability and efficiency, our tanks enable quick and easy fuel transfer.

Our refuelling solutions are designed to minimise downtime, saving you time and money. With TTi tanks, you can have a refuelling process tailored to your operational needs. These solutions are crafted with the specifics of your industry in mind. 

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The TTi Advantage

Refuelling Made Easier with TTi

Keep your equipment running smoothly with TTi’s comprehensive range of refuelling products. Choose TTi for high-quality refuelling solutions, ensuring your operations run seamlessly. Contact us today to explore how TTi can enhance your refuelling process, providing the dependability and efficiency your business needs.

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Australian Made

All of TTi’s Diesel Tanks are manufactured in Victoria, Australia

Australia's Biggest Range

With sizes ranging from 50L to 10,000L, there is a size to suit your application

Maximize Uptime on Site

Enjoy hassle free refuelling with TTi’s reliable range of Diesel Equipment