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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made Poly Water Cartage Tanks. Our transportable portable water tanks are made with virgin grade poly, and backed with a 20 Year Warranty.

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Why Choose TTi Portable Water Tanks

Our portable water tanks are more than just tough – they’re designed to make your life easier. Built from premium, UV-stabilised polyethylene, they’re engineered to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, ensuring reliable water storage and transport wherever needed. TTi portable water tanks offer:

  • Unmatched durability: Built to withstand harsh Australian conditions.
  • Wide range of capacities: Choose the perfect size for your needs, with options ranging from 20 litres to 17,000 litres. Mid-range 1000L tanks are popular for farms, construction sites, and general water transport. Large-scale, the massive 17,000L tanks are ideal for large-scale agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Customisable options: These are tailored to your specific requirements. Choose your preferred colour and outlet position to match your branding or requirements.

For added functionality, pair your portable water tank with our range of diesel fuel tank accessories for a complete water management solution.

Portable Water Tanks Setup and Maintenance

Get years of hassle-free use from your portable water tanks with these easy tips:

  1. Mount securely: Place it on a level surface and use the pin system for safe transport.
  2. Keep it clean: Flush it out at least once a year, more often if heavily used or storing non-water liquids.
  3. Inspect regularly: Check for cracks, leaks, or damage. Early detection saves you hassle later on.
  4. Fill and empty responsibly: Avoid overfilling and empty completely when not in use, especially in freezing weather.

Choosing the Right Portable Water Tank

It’s easy to find the right portable water tank for your needs:

  1. Volume: Whether you require a mid-range 1000L tank for farms or construction sites, or a massive 17,000L tank for large-scale agricultural and industrial applications, we offer a diverse range to match your exact requirements. Unsure about the ideal size? Our team of experts is ready to assist you in determining the perfect fit.
  2. Vehicle: We understand that water transportation needs vary. Our portable water tanks are designed to securely fit various vehicles, including UTEs, trucks, and trailers, ensuring safe and efficient transport regardless of your chosen mode of transport.
  3. Liquid: Our tanks are equipped with the advanced LiquidLocker baffling system, which ensures a smooth and stable ride for water and minimises movement and potential damage during transport.


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This is the third tank I have purchased from TTI… Had no dramas at all with the other two so that’s why I’m back here get the third tank from TTi, and maybe more in the future!

John Davies, JD’s Water Cartage – AquaMove™

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