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Why Upgrade Your Accessories?

  • Efficiency Matters: The right accessories streamline refuelling, minimise downtime, and make monitoring your diesel fuel usage easy.
  • Extend Your Investment: By protecting your diesel fuel from contamination, keeping your tank leak-free, and ensuring your engine gets clean fuel, quality accessories help your equipment last longer.
  • Safety & Compliance: Features like auto shut-off nozzles and secure fittings reduce the risk of spills and accidents, ensuring you adhere to those all-important safety guidelines.
  • Complete System Solutions: From filters to pumps to gauges, TTi offers everything you need to create a complete, reliable diesel fuel storage and dispensing system that works for you.

Tips to Get the Most from Your Setup

  • Cleanliness is Key: Even small amounts of dirt can damage fuel systems. Keep equipment clean during installation and maintenance.
  • Check It Regularly: Look for worn hoses, loose fittings, and make sure everything’s mounted securely. Catching small problems early saves major headaches later.
  • Don’t Wait for Trouble: Proactive maintenance matters. Replace components like filters on a recommended schedule to prevent problems before they occur.

Choosing the Right Gear

Choosing the right diesel tank accessories starts with knowing your needs:

  • Know Your Tank: Ensure accessories are sized and designed for your specific tank, whether that’s an AdBlue transfer tank or a different model.
  • How Will You Use It?: Will your accessories be for a stationary storage tank, a refuelling trailer, etc.? Usage impacts the right accessories for the job.
  • Think About Conditions: Consider whether your accessories must withstand extreme or harsh temperatures, and choose the ones rated accordingly.

Need a hand? We’re here to help you choose the ideal diesel fuel tank accessories for your setup.


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