Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

Portable Diesel Tanks

Whether you are looking for a fuel pod to refuel tractors, excavators, graders, dozers, utes, or any other machinery, TTi’s range of portable diesel fuel tanks with pumps ensure your equipment is refuelled safely and quickly. Diesel fuel storage tanks are essential for farm use, so having one on hand is a huge advantage. 

TTi’s portable diesel storange tanks for sale are available in sizes from 100L through to 1200L, can be fitted with either 40, 45 or 60lpm pumps, and are also available as slimline diesel fuel tanks.

TTi’s portable diesel fuel tanks are fully manufactured by TTi in Australia, using diesel grade virgin material, and assembled by hands that care about the finish. These are a seriously tough unit. Part of the dangerous goods certification involves the tank being drop tested – filled with antifreeze liquid, placed in a super freezer for hours, then dropped onto the corner from a height of 3m. TTi’s portable diesel storage tanks for sale passed with no problems.

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Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

Diesel Fuel Cartage Tanks

Put safety first with our Australian owned and manufactured diesel fuel cartage and storage tanks.
With specifically formulated diesel grade polyethene, you can trust TTi’s portable diesel fuel cartage tanks to deliver on quality. Complete with pad-lockable filler cap, static prevention earth strap and a point for secure mounting these tanks put safety first. 

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Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

Diesel Fuel Tank Trailers

TTI have developed an industry leading fuel trailer solution to refuel any type of machinery with less hassle, more versatility of use, and deliver bigger time saving. TTI’s diesel fuel trailers are available in sizes from 600L through to 3000L, and can be either braked for on road use, or un braked for on farm use. TTi’s range of fuel trailers ensure that your machinery is refuelled safely and quickly, with the choice of either 12v, petrol or diesel powered pumps.

Protect your fuel with the padlock-able toolbox and filler cap, while the digital flow meter allows you to accurately measure how much fuel you have dispensed. The range of hose reels and auto shut off nozzle ensure you can reach your equipment with ease, while the clever plumbing, hidden wiring, recessed tail lights, folded checker plate mudguards, and safety infills all add to the strength and sleek design of the single, or dual axle chassis.

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Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

AdBlue Fuel Tanks

TTi's adblue transfer tanks are equipped with pump cover, Piusi 35 L/min pump kit, auto shut-off nozzle, 2-inch filler & pad-lockable cap, 4m of 20mm delivery hose and 4m battery cables. They are the ideal unit for refilling your equipment and machinery quickly with AdBlue.

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