Fire Fighting

Preparation is key when it comes to fire safety. TTi’s range of fire-fighting units have been designed with this in mind, prioritising durability and portability in the case of an emergency. Our fire-fighting equipment is a key tool to managing fire risk on your property. With a range of tank sizes available, you’ll be able to store the amount of water you need to protect your property. Built to withstand emergency conditions, these water tanks can also be used for preventative maintenance. Explore the complete range of fire-fighting equipment from TTi today.

Disaster Strike When No One Expects It

Fires are common in Australia, especially during hotter, dryer months. Be vigilant; have our fire fighting equipment on hand for unforeseen emergencies.

You’re never too prepared for a disaster. Take the proactive step to be fire-ready. Invest in TTi’s fire fighting water tank solutions and enhance your defence against fires.

Products to suit Fire Fighting

TTi’s fire fighting water tank solutions have been made with durability and versatility in mind. Designed to be a reliable companion in fire prevention and response, these tanks are built to withstand the rigours of emergency situations.

Beyond just combating fires, TTi’s tanks are adept for various applications, including general watering, dust suppression and cleaning tasks. Their multifunctional nature makes them invaluable assets.

Browse our fire fighting water tank solutions:

Choose Reliable Fire Fighting Water Tank Solutions

It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to fire hazards on your property — having fire-fighting equipment on hand for unforeseen emergencies is a good strategy. 

You can never be too prepared for fire. Take proactive steps by investing in TTi’s fire fighting water tanks, and enhance your defence against fires.

The TTi Advantage

Protect your Livelihood & Reputation!

Protect your property with TTi’s FireFighting Units

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Save time with clever plumbing techniques

Reliable & Safe

In high-pressure situations, you can depend on TTi’s Firefighting equipment

Invest in Effective Fire Fighting Water Tank Solutions

Make a well-informed investment to safeguard what matters most by choosing TTi’s advanced fire fighting solutions. For personalised advice and a range of options tailored to your specific needs, contact TTi today. Call us at 1800 816 277.

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