Portable Fire Fighting Equipment & Mobile Units

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment & Mobile Units

Knapsack & Portable Fire Fighters

Portable Fire Fighting Knapsacks and tractor-mounted units by TTi. Everything from our tractor-mount to knapsack firefighters are designed to be ideal for fast and effective responses to the threat of fire – and you can find out more about each of our products by following the link below. TTi – Australia’s leading portable fire fighter supplier.

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Portable Fire Fighting Equipment & Mobile Units

Fire Fighting Slip On Units

TTi's range of fire fighting slip-on and skid-mounted units is second to none. These fire fighting units are made with high-quality materials and are entirely portable - load them onto your ute, trailer or truck, and away you go.  

Easy to install and be used in multiple situations, TTi's skid-mounted fire fighting units ensure you are acting instantly when your property is at risk during fire season. We stock fire fighting water tanks in a huge range of sizes, with tanks capable of holding anything from 220L to 2400L - you can find an option that suits all your needs. We have the perfect slip-on or skid-mounted fire fighting unit for your ute, trailer or truck.

Our fire fighting slip-on units are made for rapid response. Protect your property from fire with this versatile slip-on fire fighting unit. Browse the full TTi range online today.

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Portable Fire Fighting Equipment & Mobile Units

Fire Fighting Trailers

Multi-Purpose Fire Fighting Trailers manufactured by TTi and distributed Australia Wide. When it comes to fire fighting there simply isn’t any room for gear that doesn’t meet the standard. The fire fighting trailer units we design and manufacture here at TTi are the product of years of experience and expertise – and we’ve worked to produce gear that you can rely on for a fast and effective response. Browse our fire fighting trailer options below.

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Mobile Fire Fighting Units

A range of fire fighting units for all applications

Australian made and owned

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