Our People, Our Environment, Our Responsibility

As a leading rotomoulding polyethylene manufacturer, we understand that our actions have far reaching consequences. 

Every day we strive to innovate and find ways to reduce our footprint, creating a better future for our families and the environment we live in. We don’t run from it, but rise to the challenge.

What we're doing

Our aim is to minimize our impact on our environment and continually improve the health and safety our team

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100% Solar Powered

We generate enough solar energy to power our entire factory

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Recycling Seconds Tanks

We make mistakes just like anyone. Any tanks that don't quite make the cut get turned into pipes, through our good mates at RPM Pipes.

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Supporting RRT (Rapid Relief Team)

We have a heart for people in crisis, and we’re humbled to be SmaRRT
Supporters of the Rapid Relief Team. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services
to meet the crisis at hand.

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Employing Locals

We're one of the largest employers in our local community. By supporting us, not only are you supporting Aussie manufacturing, you’re supporting our local employees and their families.

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Environmental Initiatives

Solar Powered Factory

Based in the sunny town of Nathalia in Northern Victoria, we decided to invest in solar infrastructure for our factory. On a sunny day, our factory is 100% solar powered!
This transition to renewable energy not only exemplifies our commitment to renewable resources but also serves as a potent catalyst for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

Recycling Seconds Tanks

We have high standards here at TTi, and just like anyone, we make mistakes every now and then. Being poly, our tanks can be easily recycled and repurposed. 

We work with our good friends at RPM Pipes, where our tanks get ground-down and turned into pipes which are used for town storm water.