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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made slip on water carts. Our slip-on water carts are perfect for sliding into the back of your tipper or tray truck. Browse our range below. 

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Tailored and cost-effective water cart solutions

What can I use a water cart for?

What are the added benefits of using a slip-on water cart?

“It’s been a good unit, I’d highly recommend one of these units to anyone in the civil industry or road works… very good unit!

Chris, Bitu-Mill – FloodRite™

“We needed a water cart to transfer water to our mud mixing units on site, this [TTi AquaPath] saves a lot of downtime….It’s flexible to use – we use it as a spray cart as well, to hose down our yard.”

Daniel, Healesville Directional Drilling – AquaPath™

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