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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made water cartage trailers. The tanks for our water cart and fire fighting trailers are made with virgin grade poly, and backed with a 20 Year Warranty.

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Why choose a TTi water trailer?

Benefits of choosing a TTi trailer water tank

How is a water cart different to a water truck?

How much water can a water truck vs a water cart hold?

Is a water cart or water truck more suitable for my needs?

What accessories can you pair with a trailer water tank?

What do you need to clean trailer water tanks, and how do you clean them?

“The key features for us on this trailer is the High Pressure Pump and the long reel …. It’s always going over rough terrain and this [FirePatrol] trailer has no problems coping with any of the elements we put it through – very robust”

Patrick, Subterra Civil – FirePatrol™ Trailer

” I’m extremely impressed with the workmanship and quality that the boys have provided at TTi and all the staff. Have to say I’m really happy with the service they provided”

Carl, MCT Constructions – FirePatrol™ Dual

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