They’re Here! The New 8,000L & 12,000L Tank!

8,000L and 12,000L tanks are now an option! Our aim is to provide you with the perfect product to suit your every need so the team at #TTi have been working hard over the passed several months to design, engineer and test the new 8,000L and 12,000L water cartage tank.

On the 18th January 2019, the very first 8,000L tank was produced – now they’re rolling off the production line and pleasing customers around the country!

After offering 10,000L and 13,000L AquaTrans™ units for many years now, we also recognised a gap in the market for a 12,000L unit; so, the team set to work, researching and developing the idea and now it’s another great product joining our ever growing product line! At the start of this week, the very first one came through production!

The 12,000L Tank AquaTrans Mould well under way by TTi Very first 8,000L AquaTrans tank to leave the production line by TTi

Get in quick! – There is already a list of customers with they’re 8,000L and 12,oooL AquaTrans™ units on order – with the demand continuing to increase.

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