About ULS Group

Since 2001, ULS Group have been constructing and maintaining landscapes for local governments, land developers, residential clients and the education sector. ULS were looking for a water truck predominantly for tree watering and landscape maintenance. #TTi spoke to Mark, who has been operating water trucks at ULS for over 3 years – watering and maintaining new and existing landscapes.

The Challenge

The challenge that ULS faced was that they had out grown their existing fleet of water trucks. They also found that their current fleet of water trucks were wasting water through inaccurate application.

The Result

Understanding their challenges, ULS realised the all new 8,000L Cascade FloodRte™ Water Cart was the perfect unit for their needs.
The Cascade is truly the result of combining helpful feedback and industry knowledge, into one unit. From land forming and landscaping through to planting, watering and maintaining new vegetation, the operator has full control of where and how every drop is applied!

The Perfect Unit

Mark Chambers, the operator, is thrilled at how much thought has gone into the design of the truck to save time, water and money whilst maintaining trees and landscapes.
Operating the truck 6 days a week, Mark says when watering tress, he now saves around 20 seconds per tree with his #TTi unit. For a company such as ULS Group – maintaining thousands of trees and landscapes, this will save tens of thousands of dollars per annum, in operating time.


With features such as the cabin-controlled water cannon, front and rear spray heads, The #TTi Cascade FloodRte™ Water Cart guarantees ULS can complete their watering task effectively, with ease and on time. The new lowered manifold design, featured on The Cascade, allows for easy access of the suction and discharge manifold and hose reel.


Putting water to work in the most efficient way possible means ULS can complete their job faster and more efficiently.
Check out the full ULS Case Study below with Mark.



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