About Redbar Excavations

Redbar Excavations are a Melbourne based civil construction company who specialise in commercial site development. Daryl Barker, from Redbar, explains how the TTi FloodRite Water Cart helped improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with rock compaction & dust suppression.

The Challenge

Daryl has been working alongside his father in the family earthmoving business since he was 16 years old. Before purchasing their TTi FloodRite, Redbar were hiring a water truck, which was proving too expensive. The challenge Daryl faced, was to avoid additional registration and running costs of getting a dedicated chassis mounted water truck.

The Result

After doing his research and investigating online, Daryl came across TTi’s 10,000L Skid Mounted FloodRite unit which could be slid on and off, or slung out of their tipper as required, allowing for versatility of the fleet – remaining functional.

The Perfect Unit

The wireless remote allows for the rear magnum sprays to be operated from the comfort of the truck cabin, for getting the perfect amount of moisture in the material, resulting in optimum rock compaction. As water sources may vary from job site to job site, the FloodRite unit is equipped with a hydrant-fill system, or suction fill kit for filling out of channels and dams. Daryl works in both rural and urban areas, which means this versatility will save them filling time and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Daryl was thrilled with the fact that the TTi Slip-On Water Cart was not only so versatile, but also has all the features of a dedicated water truck. The FloodRite puts water to work like nothing else – discover for yourself how easy your water cartage can really be!