About SIMS Metal Management

SIMS Metal Management own and operate 250 metal recycling plants across Australia and New Zealand. They buy metal from dealers, auto wreckers, demolition firms and others who are looking to dispose of their obsolete metal and provide a customized recycling service.

The Challenge

SIMS Metal Management were looking for a water cart for their Noble Park transfer site – to assist with dust suppression and to have there ready, in the case of a fire in one of the stock piles. This is a common risk, occurring regularly due to the batteries and other flammable goods that become part of the recycling process. Given they are situated in an industrial area of Melbourne, it was critical that they have a water source on site, to be able to deal with these issues.

The Result

SIMS were looking to utilise their existing flat top trucks that they already had in their fleet, which is why the TTi FloodRite fitted the build perfectly. After using their water cart for 12 months, SIMS Metal Management have found the unit to be their ultimate solution for getting water to where they need it – which is why they went on to purchase, and now own a second TTi 5,000L water cart!

The Perfect Unit

Monty, SIMS’ site foreman, operates the TTi FloodRite Water Carts on a daily basis. He says that…..
SIMS have bolted both of the water carts onto a flat bed truck, which provides the versatility of being able to use their tray trucks in the winter months, when the water cart is not so necessary, and then turn them into fully functioning water carts in the summer, when dust suppression and fire control is required.

Monty says that the TTi FloodRite Water Carts have saved the entire company time, money and effort, as the job can be done a lot quicker than it had been with previous water carts they’ve owned and used.
The benefit of the remote control also means that no matter what truck the water cart is mounted onto, it can always be easily controlled.

Watch the video below to hear what Monty, from SIMS Metal Management has about operating the TTi FloodRite Units:



If you are looking for a versatile, highly functional water cart that won’t let you down when you need it most, than look no further than TTi’s range of FloodRite Water Carts!