From just a two-man-team, to now a 65 person thriving business! The team at TTi is rapidly growing to keep up with the increasing demands throughout the company – from Sales to Production!

In the last 6 months, a total of 8 new employees have joined the team – Each displaying the CRISP values that TTi prides itself on. TTi invests heavily in the personal and professional development of it’s staff through engaging the services of expert trainers across many fields. We always believe we can learn more! 

Here are a few of the key members from the team that you may have heard from….


André Büchner

Andre founded Rapid Spray Southern in 1999, after relocating from South Africa. He has grown the business substantially since, employing over 50 individuals from local and surrounding areas. With a solid background in agricultural sprayers, Andre had the opportunity to manufacture roto-moulded water cartage and spray tanks, and seized it. This early business plan naturally progressed into producing equipped units and currently encompasses over 1,000 different products. Andre offers a lifetime of experience in the industry, and a lifetime of puns to go along with it.


Ross Büchner
General Manager

Ross worked occasionally with the assembly team for a couple of years before moving into the sales office after graduation. Originally a member of the sales team, Ross became Marketing Manager in 2012 and then moved up to General Manager in 2014. He has over ten years’ experience with the company and offers a wealth of knowledge regarding each area of operation in the business Ross is famously dedicated to the finer details, and never fails to motivate the team with his enthusiastic speeches and presentations.


Piérré Büchner
National Sales Manager

Piérré’s experience in this business goes back forever, having relocated from South Africa in the ‘90’s. Working initially in the moulding shed, Pierre’s ‘people’s-person’ personality saw him transition happily into sales as the business grew. He is responsible for a large number of corporate clients whilst maintaining his faithful agricultural customers and increasing industrial prospects. Pierre’s ideas are never ending, keeping us all on our toes, with catchy phrases to boot!


Andrew Trappel
NSW/QLD Account Manager

Andrew joined the TTi team with over 15 years of sales experience. From the retail floor and on-road sales, through to account management, Andrew is adept to understanding your needs and how he can add value to your business.A real people person, Andrew loves a chat, and won’t turn down a coffee if offered! When not on the roads of NSW and Queensland, Andrew can be found on the cricket or football pitch, enjoying family time, or at the local fishing spot.


Rolf Büchner
Product Specialist

Rolf joined the TTi office after a stint in the assembly shed – Full of product knowledge, Rolf can point you in the right direction and ensure that what you’re ordering is safe, practical and the best solution for your particular application! He is a keen adventurer, always looking for an opportunity to test his body to the extreme in physical endurance through hiking, cycling or playing competitive sport. Look out if you leave something slightly untidy or dirty behind you, it will only be a matter of seconds before Rolf is onto you!


Kevin Büchner
Product Specialist

Having ‘cut his teeth’ in product assembly, Kevin adds his youthful, energetic approach to the TTi office. Having been with the company close to ten years, Kevin works steadily towards growing our industrial client database, showing particular aptitude for FloodRite dust suppression units. Also a keen sketch artist and much sought-after coffee maker, Kevin ensures there is always a smile to be had in the office.


Dale James
Product Specialist

Can we do it? Yes we can! If that’s the answer you’re after, then Dale will have it for you, every time. Having been with the company for 14 years now, Dale has put his best foot forward – managing the assembly team until 2015, now with such great product knowledge Dale is part of the ever helpful, ever willing product specialist team – ensuring you receive the perfect product to suit your need!  Dale is an avid runner, and if you’re lucky enough to see him pass by, he might have a chance to chat to you about the latest good cause he’s involved with too!


Paul Kiesskalt
Production Planner

Paul offers 15 years’ experience with the company, making his product knowledge unbeatable. Paul can boast of wearing a number of hats throughout his time here, including Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, Product Support Manager and now Production Planner. So long as Paul has a cup of coffee in his hand, he’ll be wearing a smile and doesn’t let anything phase him – an inspiration to us all!


Jens Büchner
Marketing Coordinator

Having completed his ‘apprenticeship’ in the moulding, fabrication, and assembly departments for the first 8 months, Jens is now responsible coordinating marketing projects and driving development of the TTi brand. Responsible for a team of web developers and graphic designers, Jens ensures that TTi is always a step ahead of the game through his product knowledge, marketing strategies and the latest IT infrastructure. An avid competitive sport and outdoors fan, Jens can usually be found outdoors doing something active!


Craig Hook
Logistics Manager

Craig Hook is always on the lookout for an opportunity to fill in the gaps, and provide our valued customers with a ‘wow’ experience. Craig’s focus with the company lies predominantly in logistics, however he is now trying his hand at product support too; his knowledge and organisation skills make him a great all-rounder at TTi. Hooky always has a smile on his face and a story to share, keeping spirits light in the office and the warehouse.


Emiel Warmerdam
Business Development Manager

Starting with us in January 2015. Emiel brings with him a corporate, structured style with a strong background in the automotive industry, particularly in the area of product and business development. Hailing from the city, Emiel has elected to move to a quieter lifestyle in the lovely town of Numurkah, and is working hard to improve and implement new systems and procedures at TTi. Emiel is an avid coffee connoisseur, fuelling his energy and enthusiasm for growth in the workplace.