OUR name change from Rapid Spray Southern to Trans Tank® International (TTi) in has raised a raft of questions from customers and our dealer network eager to know what sparked the shift.


After years of working closely with our major partners, a new focus on the digital age has changed our business model and presented us with opportunities to bolster our service and expand our range of products.


The new direction does not mean there has been a change of ownership, an international buyout or that someone new will be answering your calls.


This has been a mutual decision made by the two Rapid Sprays to give our clients the option to buy based on factors other than where they live.


So what else will this mean to you?

Bring clarity to the marketplace

Confusion about the Rapid Spray brand meant customers were dealing with two companies with the same name. Before the dominance of the Internet, that might have made sense but managing two websites, two companies and having two owners no longer adds up


Create new opportunities

Rapid Spray is an established leading brand name in the agricultural market. TTi are experts in transportable tanks that can be used in different industries – such as civil construction, the local government sector and hire industry. With this in mind, TTi now has two clear divisions – Agricultural and Industrial – with specialists you can talk to in each area


Become truly independent

Running our own show entirely means we’re more agile and can respond fast to queries from our customers. We’re big enough to meet our customers’ needs but small enough now to act a lot more quickly on challenging enquiries than we used to


Security and peace of mind for our dealer network

Our dealers can rest assured we now maintain full control of our brand and how it is marketed


Back to the Internet

The Internet has no boundaries, so our re-branding now clearly distinguishes between TTi and Rapid Spray. This will enable us both to continue to grow, servicing the specific needs of people in markets we share and enabling us both to pursue new opportunities