Looking for a versatile UTV Spayer that is operational, efficient and effecive? TTi’s OnTray sprayer is the one for you, available through the Spring-Up Deals 17 valid until October 31, 2017.

TTi’s OnTray sprayer is a fully drainable, slip-on combo sprayer unit availiable with various tank sizes, and easy access controls perfect for your spraying needs. With an affordable price ranging from $1,180 to $1,760, and a 15m Hose Reel Upgrade being offered at just $399, you can be confident that it’s the perfect sprayer for your agricultural activities.

Other Features of Ontray Sprayers include:

» 7.5L/min 100psi Delavan Pump

» Adjustable pressure regulator and gauge

» 6m of 10mm spray hose; adjustable Powerjet gun

» Hose holder brackets with lance clips

» 150/250mm screw lid with basket filter

» Galvanised Smart laser cut steel frame

» Built in pump protection

» Quick attach suction filter

» Boom options available including Hayman Reece

» Quick attach bracket with Versatile boom


Highly Effective and Efficient Spray Equipment – Australian Made!


Choosing the right sprayers to use to ensure guaranteed performance is imperative. Visit to see the many options available, or call 1800 816 277 for more information.