“Up here [Katherine, NT], we’re pretty limited on what we can get, so we searched all over Australia to find the right units to suit our business and we came across TTi, in Victoria, and they produced the best products we could find in Australia


“This is our range of Diesel transfer units that we use, this is the 800L, we also have the 100L, 200L and the 400L which came from them.”


“This one – for all the different range sizes, again has all the good quality nozzles, with a good length hose and good quality pump which has never let us down – pumping out 85 Litres a minute, or you can also get the 65 Litre minute job. A very durable and reliable unit!


“Here with the 200L unit, we came across where someone had a generator exhaust up to it and that took a lot of punishment over one month with the generator being only approximately a foot off it, with the exhaust system pumping on it. As you can see – it has done a slight bit of cosmetic damage but no penetration or damage or any real risk to the people around it. So very good quality unit! Very happy!”


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