Due to polyethylene being a type of plastic, there is a widely held belief that poly tanks are subject to degradation, warping in the sun, or becoming brittle. Well, it’s time to bust this myth!


As we have all experienced seeing plastics break down and crack in the sun, we have come to expect that polyethylene (poly for short) tanks will also be subject to discolouring and breakage, particularly in the harsh Australian conditions. However, it is a myth that poly tanks bulge or stretch. If your tank is manufactured to Australian standards, your Australian-made polymer tank should never warp, crack or become brittle.


We are all familiar with the effects of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation on human skin, and also how this can cause plastics to break down and warp. Many people have seen the “chalky” look of plastics exposed to the sun. This is caused by the oxidisation of the polymer.


However, when it comes to TTi poly tanks, the UV stabiliser included in the tank when the product is moulded absorbs the harmful UV rays that would cause the polymer to break down, become brittle, discolour or warp. If you are in the market for a tank that will not warp or become brittle in the sun, make sure that you are purchasing a tank that has been fully UV stabilised.


Not only are TTi tanks manufactured to withstand harmful UV rays and brittleness, TTi tanks are also impact resistant to avoid cracking and breakage from direct impacts on the tank. Not having seams (ie. being moulded as one continuous piece) also increases the strength of your tank in the sun.


All TTi tanks above 200L are proudly Australian made with Australian conditions in mind, so your TTi poly tank should never become brittle, warp or discolour.