Dylan from Earthform, an earthmoving company that specialises in subdivisions, says “The TTi Tank is a good tank – we haven’t had any dramas with it! I’ve had it on the back of my ute for about 12 months now and haven’t had a drama with it. The Pump is good and the line is long.”


He goes on to say, “Whenever we need the unit, it’s always there and it’s always working so it’s always handy to have! The tank is built really well – we always have all out tools and buckets and stuff in the back of the ute and it’s never marked the tank or anything.”
Dylan explains how, “The hose is nice and strong – hasn’t cracked or anything like some of the other ones we have had int he past. Love the fact that it’s really easy to maintain! Can highly recommend these TTi DieselCaptains to anyone in the industry!”


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