APRIL 2019


Could a TTi 3-Point-Linkage Sprayer help you the same way it did Martin? 

Having recently retired from his full-time job as a school teacher, Martin spends his time maintaining and working on his property in Greta South, near Wangaratta. Martin’s main objective is to grow good quality grass for his cattle, to keep them in prime condition and ultimately, gain the best possible price per head. This, of course, involves spraying any weeds to protect the target crop.

Having previously experienced frustration whilst waiting for spraying contractors, Martin began looking for a robust, yet simple to use 3-point-linkage sprayer that he could simply hook up to his Kubota Tractor and spray when the time is right. After discussing his options at his local rural store, Martin chose the TTi LinkOn Plus sprayer due to it’s clever design, price, backup and service guarantee from both TTi and the dealer. Martin says he is “very impressed with the build quality, the way it’s a very robust, hardy unit, not likely to break down!”

We are familiar with the old saying ‘a stitch in time, saves nine.’  This is true for Martin, where the TTi LinkOn Plus Sprayer assists him stay in control of his property, by having the ability to spray exactly what, and when he needs to. There are negative consequences of not being able to spray when the time is right, such as bad grass which ultimately leads to poor stock quality and therefore low income.


Check out the full story below of how the 400L TTi LinkOn sprayer helped Martin improve the quality of his farm!