Another impressive lineup of TTi FireAttack units, ideal for firefighting, equipment washdown and tree watering. These are headed for a group of farms in Queensland! 

TTi-Australia’s Safest Tanks and Trailers manufacture a large range of fire fighting equipment. The units can be mounted onto the back of utes, trailers or trucks to provide immediate and reliable response to fires. 

However, these units are not limited for use with fires. Hundreds of civil contractors, government bodies and farmers use these units for tree watering, washdown and water transfer.


Some specs of the units above include:

  • UV stabilised polyethylene tank for long life, with 20 year warranty
  • Pressure relief bypass fitted to tank ensures pump remains cool when in operation. Excess pressure returns to tank
  • Engineer approved positive pin mount system ensures operator safety
  • Calibration markings on tank show liquid level
  • Fitted with Ball Baffle Safety System to prevent liquid surge
  • Heavy duty hose reel with 36m x 19mm hose, safety locking catch and adjustable twist type fire fighting nozzle
  • Reliable, genuine GX200 Honda engine coupled with 400L/min Davey twin impeller fire pump


Contact one of the friendly support team on 1800 816 277 or visit www.tti.com.au to find out more!


Fire Fighting Units  –  Equipped to Defend!