JUNE 2001

Here’s the top 10 ways to keep you sprayers ship shape. This will ensure that your equipment will last longer and minimize non-periodical expenditure for maintenance. Moreover, this will add more value to your investment.


Here’s the Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Sprayers Ship Shape:

Pump Oil

Check oil level in Pump (most spray pumps use SAE30 oil)


Motor Oil

Check oil level in motor (eg, if your unit has a Honda engine)


Chemical Contamination

Check oil for contamination from chemical (to do this, smell the oil. If it smells like chemical the diaphragms in your pump are probably needing replacement. Contact TTi for more information)



Check all filters (clean them if necessary)



Check nozzles are spraying correctly. To see this spray onto a dry surface where you can see the spray. (no dry spots etc)


Chemical in the Tank

Check there’s no leftover chemical in the tank from last spray season


Hose Clamp

Run your unit with water only first and check all hose clamps



Drain and replace any left over fuel in the motor



Grease all pivot points (ie the hinge arms of your boom etc)


Spray Gun

Ensure your spray gun is sealing properly and not leaking when closed off


Parts and Maintenance of LinkOn Plus Sprayer in Australia manufactured by TTi