JUNE 2018


Want to ensure you are achieving the best possible result when you’re spraying? Consider these top 10 tips from the experts in spraying and manufacturing Australia’s safest tanks and trailers







Good Working Condition

Check that your sprayer is in good working condition, the filter is clean, regulator is working, adjustable nozzles are working and test with clean water to ensure you are ready to complete your spraying job







Weather Conditions

Ensure the weather conditions are suitable for spraying – not too windy, rain is not imminent or plants are not wet from a dew or fog etc.






Follow Instructions

Read all labels and instructions thoroughly to determine you have the correct spray for your requirement.






Know Your Target

Know your target and the situation, for example, certain weeds in lawn or a crop (selective herbicide) or total kill (non-selective herbicide)






Wear Proper Protective Equipment

Before handling any chemical, ensure you are wearing the appropriate PPE.






Use Clean Water

Always use clean water when spraying; as dirty or hard water may affect the efficiency of the chemical.






Mixing of Chemicals

Mix chemicals in the tank as per the labels.






Ideal Spray Distance

Ideal spray distance from your target is 500mm.






Spray Appropriately

Avoid overspray– you do not want to spray your target to a point of runoff.






Clean and Drain

After every use, always clean and flush your tank with clean water. Run some clean water through the pump and boom/nozzles/gun.