Based in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Regal Innovations having recently taken on a number of large landscaping contracts, particularly in new suburbs where streetscapes must be made from scratch. Regal needed a water cart that could be used for a variety of applications, including tree watering, dust suppression, grass watering and more.

Why TTI?

Regal Innovations chose TTi’s 2,000L AquaPath™ because of its versatility and user friendliness, allowing any member of the team to safely and effectively use the unit. The Australian Made units are backed up with a 20-year tank warranty, which gave Regal Innovations the peace of mind when making their buying decision. “Highly recommend TTi, I couldn’t recommend them anymore, they always have the after sales service, and will hand deliver the unit (with coffee)! You cant ask for any better service!”


Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!

Gareth says, “The previous water carts we used have never had the guts or the power to compete with the wind in the Northern Suburbs, but with the TTi one, we have plenty of pressure to get the watering done”. 
Sound familiar? TTi use a Davey Twin Impeller pump, which is rated at 400L/min and 115psi, making spraying against the wind and spraying further, much more achievable!



The versatility of the skid mounted unit means it can be used on any tipper, trailer or flat bed truck. Gareth says, “its really good because it fits on our small tipper or our tandem trailer, all plumbed in with an in-cab remote control. We love it! The spray head is on a camlock fitting, meaning you can rotate it to suit your application.


Easy Filling

Having access to hydrants around Melbourne, this allows Regal to quickly fill the unit through the 3″ hydrant fill system – hooking up with the ease of the camlock fittings and layflat hose. In areas where hydrant access is not available, the 6 metre bottom fill kit is used to suck out of an external water source, such a channel or dam.


” Highly recommend TTi AquaPath™ water cart, I couldn’t recommend them anymore, they always have the after sales service, and will hand deliver the unit (with coffee)! You cant ask for any better service!”
– Gareth Milloy from Regal Innovations